Why work for a temporary staffing firm? - "Temping" lets you earn a wage while you explore the local job market and gain valuable work experience. You determine when you want to work, and which assignments you want to accept.

No fees or cost to you. Ever. - Temployment DOES NOT keep a percentage of your wage, as some believe. Temployment is your official employer, withholding only applicable income taxes (federal, state, social security, etc.) like every employer is required to do by law. You are paid the full wage you are told you will get when you accept an assignment!

How does it work? - Once you have applied and completed our interview process, we will know what kind of work you are interested in and what kind of skills you have. We will contact you whenever a position opens up meeting your requirements and background. You will be given relevant information about the assignment. You then have the option to accept or decline the work assignment!

Temporary to Direct Hire - Many local organizations do not advertise their full-time openings; instead, they call Temployment to fill them. These positions start as temporary for a probationary period, after which you can be hired and work directly for that organization. Experience the work environment before committing to a permanent position!

Type of Work Available - You can work in a variety of office support positions, including administrative assistant, word processing, data entry, and bookkeeping. We also offer light industrial assignments ranging from warehousing to factory work. If you have experience in a skilled trade, we offer skilled/semi-skilled work to match what you're trained to do. Find information about current opportunities on our current work opportunities page. Many positions offer full-time hours!

Length of Assignment - The amount of time you spend on a particular assignment can range from one day to several months or longer, depending on our customer's needs. Information about the anticipated length of assignment will be made clear before you accept the position.

Think Temployment is right for you? - Give us some basic info about yourself and your work skills. If there's mutual interest, you could be working in a very short time!